How to back up and restore emails in Private Email webmail

It is possible to back up your emails using the features provided by Open-Xchange platform at In order to back up a single email select it, click on three dashes icon and select Save asfile option. Email will be saved in .eml format to your computer:

The procedure of exporting multiple emails at once is the same. In this case select all the emails using CTRL+A combination and click on three dashes icon >> Save asfile option. All selected emails will be compressed into .zip archive and downloaded to your computer:

NOTE: Only emails shown on the screen will be copied.

Importing emails to Private Email

In order to import emails to App Suite webmail select them and then drag-n-drop to the required folder.

NOTE: you can import only emails saved in .eml format.

Once the transfer is completed you will see all imported emails as unread ones and the corresponding message:

That's it!

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