Benefits of Stellar Business hosting packages

The technological world develops every day. There is always a need to update hardware and deploy new technologies to attain a higher level.

This article is going to briefly show benefits of the Stellar Business Hosting package.

    • Utmost resources provide improved performance for consumers with resource-intensive websites (particularly for larger, heavy websites such as popular Magento stores or very busy WordPress blogs where disk speed matters a lot)
    • 3 Locations: US, UK, and EU
    • Distributed Cloud Storage features zero downtime and the highest performance. It is designed to handle a variety of hardware and software-stack failures (available only with US and EU datacenters).
    • AutoBackup option
    • Fewer users per server
    • Private Nameservers
    • Xcache
    • APC Cache
    • eAccelerator
    • 600 000 inodes
    • Higher LVE limits
    • Outgoing email limit - 10 000 emails per hour per domain

    Plan specifications:

    • $9.48/month, $108.88/year and $216.88/2 years.
    • 50 GB SSD RAID10
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Autobackup Tool

    Upgrade to the Stellar Business Plan

    Prior to proceeding with the upgrade, our technical team will validate the account to find out it if your current disk usage is acceptable for the new plan. If you have more than 50 GB of the disk space used, you can find possible upgrade options here.

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