Benefits of Business SSD hosting packages

The technological world develops every day. There is always a need to update hardware and deploy new technologies to attain a higher level.

We started to feel that it is time to introduce new Business SSD servers. This article is going to briefly show benefits of the new Business SSD Hosting package.


  • SSD disks provide with speed and reliability
  • SSD provides improved performance for consumers (particularly for larger, heavy websites such as popular Magento stores or very busy WordPress blogs where disk speed matters a lot)
  • 2 Locations: US and UK - Multiple Backups (2 x Daily + Weekly Backups)
  • No more than 50 users per US server

Plan specifications:
  • $19.88 /month
  • 20 GB SSD RAID10
  • 5000 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 2 x Daily + Weekly Backups
  • PCI Compliant

Business SSD Hosting plans:

  • Business SSD - 20GB Disk / 5TB Bandwidth

We also offer Double and Triple Business plans for upgrades to clients whose account’s disk usage exceeds normal Business SSD plan quotas. (see the upgrade procedure below)

  • Business SSD Double - 40GB Disk/10TB Bandwidth
  • Business SSD Triple - 60GB Disk/15TB bandwidth

Those plans are available per request in ticket to Billing department only and cannot be ordered from our hosting page.

Billing periods and prices



(5% saving)


(10% saving)

Business SSD - 20GB Disk/5TB Bandwidth




Business SSD Double - 40GB Disk/10TB Bandwidth




Business SSD Triple - 60GB Disk/15TB bandwidth




Any existing Business user can be upgraded to the new Business SSD plan, however, there are some peculiarities. Due to a smaller size of SSD drives and their higher cost in comparison with SATA ones, we do not recommend the Business SSD plan for those who have very big accounts to order/upgrade to Business SSD.

Upgrade to the Business SSD Plan

Prior to proceeding with the upgrade, our technical team will validate the account to find out it if your current disk usage is acceptable for the new plan as it has only 20 GB. If you have more than 20 GB of the disk space used, you can find possible upgrade options here.

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