cPanel VPS or Dedicated Server transfer to Namecheap

We will transfer your server from another provider for free if:

1. Your VPS or Dedicated server with another provider has cPanel, and it will not expire for the next 3 days.
2. You have root access to the existing server.
3. You order a VPS or Dedicated Server with cPanel with us.

If the conditions above are met, please submit a ticket to the Hosting - Transfer Assistance department so we can migrate the server for you. Do not forget to provide access details to your existing server.

You can order a VPS or Dedicated server with us at the Web Hosting landing page.

Make sure you order a VPS or Dedicated server that meets your existing server technical requirements.

NOTE: Our migration specialists will need to check your server configuration before the transfer to ensure we can perform the migration. We may decline assisting with the migration in some cases though if we can’t guarantee a 100% positive result of the transfer due to the custom technical configuration.


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