How to transfer a domain from Google Apps

If you got your domain name when signing up for Google Apps, this means that it was registered by Google. However Google itself, as a company, does not provide domain registration services and is using third-party registrars instead. However, you can still transfer your domain out by using the access to the domain controls through Google.

Before the domain can be transferred, it needs to be prepared for the transfer. It must be more than 60 days away from its registration or previous transfer. The registrar lock should be off.

You should also have the domain’s Auth/EPP code.

This article will guide you through the preparation process.

Step 1 – Identifying the domain registrar of your Google Apps domain

First of all, you should identify which registrar your domain is registered with. To do that, login to your Google Admin console, and go to your Domains tab (for old layout, click Domain settings > Domain names). Your domain is likely registered with either GoDaddy, Enom, or Domaindiscount24. Alternatively, you can use our Whois tool to check the registrar:

Step 2 – Unlocking your domain

All domains have a security feature that prevents them from being transferred to another company without authorization. Before you can start the transfer, the domain must be unlocked.

a. If your registrar is GoDaddy

In the Domains section of your Google Admin console, click Advanced DNS Settings. This will take you away from Google and to a GoDaddy login page. Once there, go to the Domain Control Center. Check the domain you wish to transfer, and select Locking above the list of domains. Select ‘Unlock’, and click OK.

b. If your registrar is Enom

If your domain is registered with Enom, you may email their support team at, and request them to unlock your domain.

c. If your registrar is DomainDiscount24 or any other one

If the registration for your domain is provided by DomainDiscount24 or another registrar, you may contact them directly to have your domain unlocked. DomainDiscount24 can be reached at

Step 3 – getting Auth/EPP code for the domain

The Auth/EPP code is another transfer security feature. This code is required to transfer the domain.

a. If your registrar is GoDaddy

You may request the authorization code for your domain by going to your Google Admin console > Domains > Advanced DNS Settings, and logging in to the GoDaddy interface. Once there, click on your domain name in the list, and find the Authorization Code tab, then select Send by Email. You will then receive an email with your authorization code for the domain.

b. If your registrar is Enom

To get your Auth/EPP code from Enom, you should send an email to, and provide your domain password as well as a brief description of your request. Your domain password can be found by going to your Google Apps account > Domains > Advanced DNS Settings. Do not forget to also request to unlock your domain, because the transfer will fail if the domain is locked.

c. If your registrar is DomainDiscount24 or any other one

To get your Auth/EPP code from DomainDiscount24 or other registrars it is necessary to contact them directly and include the request to unlock your domain for transfers in the EPP request. DomainDiscount24 can be reached at

Step 4 – Submitting the transfer request at Namecheap

Once your domain is prepared for the transfer, and you have obtained the Auth/EPP code, you should check that your domain has the correct admin contact email by using our Whois tool or any other of your choice:

Go to the Domains > Transfer a Domain page, and submit the transfer order. Shortly afterwards, the transfer will be initiated at the Registry, and the losing registrar should release the domain to our system within up to 7 days.

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