Is it possible to decrease the number of SANs after the SSL certificate has been issued?

It is not possible to remove the used SANs from the certificate. However, you can change SAN domains and/or subdomains by reissuing the certificate.

Also, you can request cancellation and refund of the existing certificate, purchase the needed SSL certificate, and activate with the appropriate number of SANs.

Note: If a SAN add-on was purchased but was not activated it can be cancelled and refunded.

Please keep in mind that the validity period and the price for the additional SAN (Subject Alternative Name, additional domain in the Multi-Domain certificate), ordered after the certificate purchase will not be pro-rated.
This means that:
  • The SAN, added to the Multi-Domain certificate any time after its purchase, will cost the same price as the SAN ordered along with the Multi-Domain certificate during the initial purchase;
  • The SAN will expire together with the certificate it is attached to regardless of the exact date of SAN's purchase.
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