What is the difference between your Basic and BackupDNS?

There is no performance difference between our BasicDNS and BackupDNS (a legacy option). Still, some domains do not support BackupDNS (the option to select BackupDNS is absent in the Nameservers section).

It is possible to add up to 150 host records on our BasicDNS and up to 100 on BackupDNS.

TTL for host records can be set to 1,5,20,30,60 minutes on BasicDNS, however, on BackupDNS you can only set it to 30 minutes.

Our BasicDNS is a primary one. When you get a domain with us, the following name servers are provided by default:


BackupDNS is a legacy option, however, some domains are still pointed to it:


This option cannot be chosen in your Namecheap account anymore.

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