How to upgrade RAM/disk space on a VPS/Dedicated server

We do not provide Dedicated servers with custom configurations. Therefore, in order to upgrade your current server/add more disk space/additional RAM to your server, you will need to switch to the next Dedicated server plan. You can check the amount of RAM and disc space for our server plans at this page.

In order to upgrade, contact our Billing/Sales department with your request.

It is possible to add more RAM/SSD with VPS Hosting.

The options for SSD are the following:
  • 10 GB- $3/mo
  • 20 GB- $5/mo
  • 30 GB - $8/mo
  • 40 GB - $10/mo
  • 50 GB - $13/mo
  • 100GB - $25/mo
We offer the next options to purchase RAM with any VPS plan:
  •     1 GB per $7/mo
  •     2 GB per $14/mo
  •     3 GB per $21/mo
To request additional RAM/SSD it is needed to submit a ticket to Billing/Sales.

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