How to order cPanel/WHM for a VPS/Dedicated server

To order cPanel/WHM for your VPS/Dedicated server, submit a ticket with your request to our Billing/Sales department.

PLEASE NOTE: The cPanel is only available with the CentOS (cPanel 64 Bit) operating system.

cPanel/WHM is provided at the additional cost of $8.88/month with a VPS Hosting and from $13.88/month with Dedicated servers. After your request to add cPanel is received, the corresponding invoice will be issued to you.

The invoice will be generated on a prorated basis in order to match your hosting package billing cycle. Once the invoice is paid, cPanel/WHM will be installed on your server.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you purchase the VPS or Dedicated hosting server along with the cPanel license, you will have a limitation in the cPanel accounts creation. Please refer to this article to find more information regarding the Tier pricing.

  • After cPanel/WHM installation all the content of your server will be lost. Please make sure that you have a backup of your files.
  • Per our policy, refunds do not apply to cPanel licenses that are purchased at an additional fee.
  • After the cPanel license purchase, you can choose the cPanelSolo (1 account) or Tier One.

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