How to create a wildcard subdomain in cPanel

Wildcard subdomain allows you to point all non-existing subdomains to a specific folder in your account. It means that if you enter different subdomains (which are not created in your cPanel) in your browser, they all will show the same content that you uploaded to the folder set for the wildcard subdomain.

In order to create a wildcard subdomain, follow the next steps:
  1. Log into your cPanel.

  2. Navigate to Domains section > Domains menu:

    You can access the Domains menu quickly using cPanel Shortcuts in the Namecheap account.

  3. Click the Create A New Domain button:

  4. Enter the subdomain name * to add in the Domain text box:

  5. Once the subdomain * is entered, the Document Root field will be set up automatically to the _wildcard_ folder:

  6. Click the Submit button:

  7. Go to the Zone Editor menu:

  8. Make sure that there is an A record for * created and pointed to the server IP address (it could coincide with the IP address of your main domain or is pointed to):

  9. Now, you will need to wait until the propagation is over (it should take N seconds, where N – is TTL for this A record; you can edit it manually and reduce the number to speed up the process), and then the wildcard subdomain will work correctly.

That's it!

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