How to configure ActiveSync (Exchange) account on Windows Mobile

ActiveSync is a protocol that allows to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar appointments from a server to mobile devices. This article will explain how to configure Exchange ActiveSync account on a device running Windows Mobile operating system.

NOTE: before setting up email account this way, make sure you already have required DNS records and mailbox created.

NOTE: If you've set up a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your mailbox and wish to use Exchange (ActiveSync) connection, you will need to set up an Application Specific Password. This guide should be useful.

1. To begin, swipe left to go to Menu, scroll down and tap on Settings:

2. Tap on email + accounts > add an account:


3. Select Exchange and enter full email address and the password for it.
Once ready click on sign in:


4. If the Exchange server details are not automatically sent to your device, tap on Username and Domain and enter corresponding details. Click on sign in to proceed:

5. If you got the error, click on advanced and enter Server: (the same for all Private Email subscriptions).
Click on arrow icon in lower right corner to proceed:


6. Now in order to synchronize the required features, swipe left to go to Menu, scroll down and tap the email account you created.

7. Tap on three dots icon in lower right corner, choose Settings:


8. Click on sync settings and tick the services you wish.
Click on Save to complete the setup:


That's it!

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