How do I change my billing cycle?

It is not possible to change the billing cycle from the client's side. In order to change the cycle for your hosting package, please contact our Billing/Sales department via Live Chat or submit a ticket.

Please note that the billing cycle of your service will start from the date that your hosting package is prepaid for. For example, you have a Stellar package with the annual billing cycle prepaid for Sep/20/2020. In case you want to change your billing cycle to monthly, your new billing cycle will start from Sep/20/2020, and the invoice for the period Sep/20/2020-Oct/20/2020 will be issued.

Billing cycle changes are performed at the regular renewal price of the hosting plan. However, more details will be provided in your conversation with our Billing/Sales department.

The billing cycle for the suspended hosting packages can be changed too. However, your hosting will be suspended automatically if no payment is provided after the billing cycle change.

In case you have a subscription-based dedicated server, it is not possible to change the billing cycle for this kind of service, unfortunately.
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