How do I reissue my SSL certificate?

Before starting a reissue, you will need to generate a brand new CSR/RSA pair and save your RSA for further installation.

If you are not able to generate a CSR yourself for some reason, please ask your web hosting provider to do this for you.

Once you have a new CSR ready, you may proceed with the next step.Reissuance is completely free of charge, unless you are adding SAN names to a Multi-Domain certificate with a reissue.

Note! Only Comodo and Thawte SSL certificates can be reissued for a different subdomain of the hostname the certificate was originally issued for. For example, can be reissued for and vice versa. Geotrust and Symantec Certificate Authorities do not have this option available at the moment.

If you are reissuing an OV/EV SSL, use the same contact information that you used originally, unless you are reissuing the certificate to change this information. This will save you some time during reissuance process.

Now that you’re aware of all the main points during reissue, we may start with the process itself.

  1. Log in to your Namecheap account and hover your mouse over your account username in the left upper corner. A drop-down menu will show up. You will then need to choose “Manage SSL Certificates” section there.


  2. Click on the “Reissue” link next to the certificate you wish to reissue.


    You will need to confirm you indeed wish to proceed with a reissue, by clicking on the "Proceed reissue" button on the next page.


  3. You may now fill in all the required information and submit your certificate for reissuance.

    The approval process will require you to complete email-based validation, and as for OV/EV certificates, a new callback will be needed.

  • Choose appropriate type of web server as advised by your hosting company from Select Web Server drop-down list.
  • Enter CSR code provided by your hosting company and continue the process.
  • Enter SAN feilds (or purchase additional SANs, and then proceed with Reissue)*
  • Choose approval email address from the provided list.
  • Fill in administrative contact information for the certificate.

The approval email is to be delivered to approval address shortly after you finish activation process. If you do not receive the email in 2 hours, please refer to instructions provided in What should I do if approval email was not delivered? article. When you confirm the issuance by following link in approval email you should receive the signed certificate to the administrative email address you indicated during the activation. Processing of order by Certification Authority may take about 2 hours. If certificate is not delivered in 2 hours please review I have not received my SSL certificate troubleshooter for help.

*In case you have a Multi-domain SSL Certificate.


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