What should I do if I didn’t receive the approval email?

After successful certificate activation within the user account, it will take about 5 minutes for the certificate request to get submitted to the Certificate Authority’s validation systems. Once it is there, a validation email is sent out automatically. If you didn’t receive it within a couple of minutes after, please try re-sending the email from your account.

  • Log into your Account Panel >> Dashboard;
  • Go to Domain List;
  • Find the domain for which the certificate was requested;
  • Expand the list of services assigned to the domain by clicking on the button next to it with the arrow pointing down;
  • Locate the certificate which requires validation email re-sending and hit Manage (this is the same page you get right after the certificate is activated in your account area):


  • On the next page, see the Certificate versions section and click See details next to the certificate awaiting validation:


  • Up next, click Resend email:



    Note: You will need to expand the Edit Methods drop-down and click Resend email. It is followed by the same pop-up confirming the email address to resend the domain control validation email and a button to actually trigger its sending.


It is also possible to use alternative validation methods (HTTP text file authentication or DNS CNAME record validation) apart from the standard email validation method.

You can switch between them right in the user account by hitting Edit methods on the certificate management page.



If the email is not delivered, or you are facing some issues with the HTTP-based or DNS-based validation, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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