How to inform your clients that you use SSL

https:// at the beginning of URL address and golden padlock in browser indicate that connection to site is secured by SSL certificate. There are some other options to show that site is secured by SSL certificate. Most widely used one is site seal. Site seal is an image that can be added to web-page for every visitor to see what type of certificate is used and what Certification Authority issued it. Here is the site seal for PositiveSSL certificate:

PositiveSSL Site Seal

Site seal can be static image or dynamic one, i.e. show additional verification information when you click on it. To learn more about site seals for Comodo (now Sectigo) certificates please review this article. Another option available for those who get Comodo (now Sectigo) InstantSSL and Premium SSL is to add Corner of Trust to secured site. Corner of Trust is dynamic graphic that will display contact information of company to which the certificate has been issued. Here is the example of Corner of Trust from Comodo (now Sectigo) home page at :

Comodo Corner of Trust

Just hover your mouse upon TrustLogo and you will see contact information of the company:

Comodo Corner of Trust - View Company Name

Please review this article to find more about TrustLogo and its installation.

Green bar in browser is yet the most noticeable indicator that your site is secure.


Browsers show green bar only for certificates with extended validation. If you would like browser address bar to turn to green color when opening your secure site you should consider obtaining one of our EV certificates.


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