How do I renew expired .CX, .DE, .EU and .NL domains?

It is highly recommended to use the Auto Renew feature for .CX, .DE, .EU and .NL domains renewal as they must be renewed 5 days before the expiration date. If the domain is not renewed in time, it is placed into the redemption period at the Registry and stops resolving before the end of the registration period.

If you choose to manually renew these domains, please note that the renewals of such TLDs do not happen immediately. Please do not try to renew your .CX, .DE, .EU or .NL domain again unless an error occurs and you are explicitly requested to try another time. Otherwise, the domain may not be extended properly. If there is any problem with the renewal, the paid amount will be refunded back to the source of payment (Credit Card, PayPal or Namecheap account funds).

The redemption period was introduced for .DE domains at the end of 2013, and now it is possible to get a .DE domain out of redemption within 30 days following the expiration date.

For .CX domains, the redemption period lasts for 28 days and will include an extra fee ($70.00) for recovery.

.EU and .NL domain names are placed into redemption after the expiry for 38-40 days.

As with gTLDs, the redemption fee is also applied to reactivation of .DE ($30.00), .EU and .NL ($20.00) domains.

Please submit a ticket with us or go to Live Chat for more information and assistance.

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