What VPS package should I choose?

To find detailed specifications of our VPS packages, please visit this page. In this article we will try to give you a short summary of the two plans we offer.

VPS Pulsar

This kit of resources is a perfect solution for those who run an advanced forum or a non-typical internet store which needs installing additional software not compatible with shared hosting restrictions. This VPS also has enough RAM to prevent server from using SWAP even during heavy loads.

VPS Quasar

A real hit for developers and webmasters who need a powerful solution and constantly expand their businesses. This plan will also be a perfect solution for those who want to have a dedicated server but who are not sure yet. This package offers huge RAM resources, really cheap cPanel and advanced support. As this package can’t be upgraded, you will be able to customize your plan if you need more resources.*

*Additionally, you can order the following hardware/software:

  • IP - $2.00/month
  • 128MB RAM - $8.00/month
  • 10GB Disk space - $10/month
  • 100GB Traffic - $10/month
  • cPanel - $11/month
  • Softaculous - $1.50/month

Each package comes with free basic support, which includes:

  • Installation of the initial OS
  • Technical support only for control panel (cPanel)
  • Core Services install
  • 24x7 server monitoring (including software and applications updating that affect the entire VPS and OS
  • Hardware issues detection and resolution
  • cPanel/MySQL/PHP one-time installation and configuration

 All the additional software is to be installed and monitored by you.


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