I receive the "Banned domain removed from cart" error message when trying to register a domain name. What do I do?

 This message means your domain is not banned globally, it simply contains a string of letters that is banned in our system. It is done to prevent registration of domains that contain trademarks, abuse (phishing, hacking), or other types of potential fraud.

If you get this message, please contact us via Live chat or Ticket, so we can check if it's possible to manually register your domain. It may be that our system was overzealous.

But first check our Copyright and Trademark Policies. Even if we can manually register the domain for you, if it's proved to be a trademark infringement case, you run the risk of losing the domain with no possibility of a refund.

If you choose to proceed with domain name registration, please add funds to your Namecheap Account before contacting us.
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