How can I withdraw the money I’ve earned through selling domains?

The amount of money you earned by selling domains is shown as Marketplace Earnings and is normally eligible for withdrawal after 5 days of a waiting period.

You can check them in your Namecheap account, section Profile > Billing:

By clicking on the button Withdraw, you can check when the earnings will be available and transfer them to either your Namecheap funds for new purchases, renewals, etc., or to your PayPal account.
For PayPal, there is a minimum amount requirement which is currently set to $100.

To withdraw money to your PayPal account, select PayPal from the list, fill in the Amount, PayPal Email Address and Namecheap Password fields and click on the Process button:

NOTE: PayPal also apply an additional fee. The amount of fee depends on the destination country.  

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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