Can I use a card to set up auto-renewal?

Yes, you can.
In order to use your card for auto-renewal, you need to do the following:

1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.

2. Choose Billing option under Profile menu in the bar on your left.

3. In Payment section you will see a few options, you need to click on Add New in front of Payment Cards:

4. Fill in the required information for your card and click on the Save Changes button:

With a default card defined, you'll enjoy faster checkout and auto-renewals.

If you have one or more cards saved in your account, one of them will be used as default. You can also add up to two backup cards, for auto-renewal use.

In order to do it, go to Account >> Profile >> Billing >> click on Manage button in front of Payment Cards:

You will see a list of available payment cards in your account. Click on Edit Defaults in order to configure their sequence:

Check the option called Use for auto-renewal and set the following options:

  • Default Card - Will be used as default for any purchase or auto-renewal;
  • First Backup Card - Will be used as First Backup for auto-renewal;
  • Second Backup Card - Will be used as Second Backup for auto-renewal.

Once you have set your payment cards, click Save Changes:

Now you can configure the auto-renewal for all your services in this way: go to Account >> Profile >> Billing >> click on Edit button in front of Auto-Renewal:

For auto-renewals, we'll attempt to charge your Namecheap account balance first. If there are insufficient funds in your account, we'll try using your cards next – default card first, followed by any alternative cards, in the order you've specified.

On this step you need to enable auto-renewal for the desired services in the list and click Save Changes.

NOTE: we won't be able to auto-renew if sufficient funds are not available via one of these payment methods when the product or service expires. Any settings changes you make here will be reflected next time you check out.

NOTE: On saving card details, please do not forget to enable auto-renewal for domains you want to be renewed automatically. The "Use for auto-renewal" option has to be chosen, otherwise the auto-renewal will not happen.

For more information please refer to this article. It is also possible to enable auto-renewal for hosting accounts. You can find more information on this here.

Also, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that PayPal cannot be used to pay for automatic renewals of your services.


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