What do the various icons on my domain listing page indicate?

There are four statuses which indicate the current state of your service:

  means the service is active, and there is no need for renewal at the moment.

  indicates that some actions are to be applied to the service (for instance, a domain requires verification or a domain will expire within the next 30 days).

  means that a domain/service is expired but can still be reactivated.

  means that a service cannot be restored at a regular rate; for example, if a domain is already in redemption.

These statuses are the same for all the products in your account: domains, hosting, SSL certificates, Domain Privacy, etc.

Below you can find the meaning of the service icons:


Active domain

Expired domain

Expired domain with active Domain Privacy

Expired domain with inactive Domain Privacy

Active domain with active Domain Privacy and some alert

Domain in a grace period

Active domain that is listed on Marketplace with inactive Domain Privacy

Blocked domain

Domain with FreeDNS Inactive

Domain with FreeDNS Active


Subdomain with FreeDNS Inactive

Subdomain with FreeDNS Active

Active hosting service
    Expired hosting service
Active Private Email subscription

SSL Comodo certificate

SSL Symantec certificate

SSL Thawte certificate

SSL Geotrust certificate

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