I tried to register/renew a domain name, but the order failed. What should I do?

All failed orders are refunded to the payment source by our Billing/Sales team. You can confirm the refund in your Namecheap Account Transaction History.

*Failed .AU & .IS registrations and .AU renewals are refunded to your account funds. If you want to receive a refund to source, please contact our Billing/Sales department.

For each order with us, you’ll receive an order receipt. If your order fails, the reason will be stated in the receipt.

In rare cases, a domain registration/renewal can be successful despite the failed order. Domain status as well as the expiration date can be checked in Whois Lookup. If the domain registration or renewal was successful, the details will be updated in your Namecheap Account's Domain List.

Tips to avoid failed orders:
  1. Try our Whois Lookup tool to find out if the domain you’ve had your eye on is available for the registration, contravenes registry naming rules, and is reserved by a registry.

  2. Make sure the domain you want to register doesn't have extended attributes. If it has, it must be specified during checkout.

  3. Keep in mind that some TLDs (mostly Country Code TLDs) have special renewal requirements.

  4. View status posts to avoid placing an order during system maintenance.
If you have any further questions, feel free to use Live Chat Support or contact our Billing/Sales Department.
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