I forgot the password/username for my Namecheap account. What should I do now?

You can use the Password Reset option to reset the password for your Namecheap account. To use it, you need to know any of the following details:

  • An account username
  • E-mail address on file
  • Any domain name located in the account
After filling in the details, click on Reset Password.

We will send an email containing a link for resetting the password to the email address specified in your profile.  You will be able to find your username in this email as well.

A Namecheap password should meet the following requirements:

- contain at least 8 characters with no spaces at the beginning and at the end of the password.

It is recommended to have the following included in the password:

a) one uppercase letter (A-Z)
b) one lowercase letter (a-z)
c) one special symbol (including but not limited to #, &, [, \, ^, ¢, §, «», %, etc.)
d) one number (0-9)

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.


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