.UK domain registration requirements

.UK is the ccTLD for the United Kingdom and is one of the domains which may require its owner to provide additional information for registration.

GDPR regulations have made these data requirements optional. Accordingly, Namecheap also does not require that you specify your identity type (i.e., non-UK individual or organization) or provide any additional information such as company number unless you choose to.

However, you do need to make sure that the Registrant Name and contact information that you supply for your UK domains are valid, up-to-date, and meet Registry standards. Please check What does good registrant data look like? for more information.

Second-level .UK Domain Registration

.UK Domain Registration

To register your .UK domain, first visit Namecheap’s Domain Name Search page to check its availability, then proceed with your registration. It’s important to note that The .UK Domain Registry requires you to enter the exact same Whois details used on your corresponding second-level domain (.CO.UK, ORG.UK or .ME.UK in the specified order) when processing your registration.

The Registry has reserved a selection of .UK domains specifically for corresponding second-level domain name Registrants. You can check if you're eligible in the "Do I have .UK rights?" article. Simply enter a new .UK domain name (like domain.uk) into the lookup tool.  The right to a .UK domain falls to an equivalent "qualifying" .CO.UK, .ORG.UK or .ME.UK domain in the specified order, which was registered prior to 28th October 2013. Owners of qualifying domains have 5 years (until July 1, 2019) to exercise their right.

Due to the GDPR changes, it is possible to use PO Boxes for new registrations.

To comply with GDPR standards, the .UK Registry does not show domain contact information in Whois. However, if the domain owner themselves are required to show their contact data in the public Whois (as with government or nonprofit organizations, for example), they can choose to opt-in, thereby publicly displaying their Whois contact information.

As always, you may contact our Support Team for assistance with any of these issues.

Second-level .UK Domain Registration

Second-level .UK domains (.CO.UK, ORG.UK or .ME.UK) do not have any special requirements other than those specified in the above sections.

If you have second-level .UK domains at another Registrar, you can still register .UK through Namecheap. Additional verification may be required at the Registry level and you will receive an email with the instructions from the .UK Registry.

Please note: If your second-level .UK domain is not registered with Namecheap, the corresponding .UK domain can be only registered manually by our Support Team at the moment.

Owners of qualifying domains have until July 1, 2019 to exercise their right to .UK domains.

You may find further details on registration rights of .UK domains on the .UK Registry site.

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