Do I get a receipt for my order?

You will receive an email confirmation with your order number, domain name or service and the price you paid, which you can use as your receipt. You can also look up the details of any transaction or any order in your Namecheap account:
  • Sign in to your Namecheap account
  • Choose Billing option under Profile menu in the bar on your left
  • In History section you will see two options, you need to click on View All in front of Your Orders or Your Transactions depending on what you would like to check

  • In the Filter menu you can select a date range, product type, specify a word the product (e.g. your domain name) contains or the exact Order/ Transaction ID and press Search.
  • On the Order page you can also Print, Resend Receipt or Download PDF file for your order.

  • On the Transaction page you can find the Payment method and the order associated with that transaction.

Additionally you may click Details in order to find more information about the order/transaction.

In Details section of the order you may see the product ordered from our website, total summary and duration. From here you can Print, Download or Resend Receipt too. It’s possible to view the receipt in PDF format to print it later on if need be or have it resent to the email address on file.

In Details section of the transaction you may find out the order associated with this particular transaction, payment method and other additional details. From here you can Print and Download your transaction.

NOTE:At the moment, no order receipts can be downloaded for the purchases of any Apps services. However, we will be glad to provide you with such a document if needed. For this, contact our Billing/Sales department via Live Chat or submit a ticket.

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