Do you have any server resource restrictions?

Yes, we do. 

    For all account packages:
  • No script may use 25% or more of system resources for 60 seconds or longer
  • Running stand-alone, unattached server side processes/daemons is strictly prohibited
  • Running any type of web spider/indexer (Google Cash/Ad Spy) is strictly prohibited
  • Running any bit-torrent/P2P application is strictly prohibited
  • Running cron scripts with intervals of less than 5 minutes or setting up more than 5 simultaneous cron jobs is strictly prohibited
  • Running of public file exchange services is strictly prohibited.

Namecheap staff may use the following tools at our discretion to identify the usage of system resources:

  • Conventional UNIX system tools, like 'ps', 'top', 'iostat', etc.
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL stats reporting features
  • cPanel report
  • Resource usage alerts from CSF/LFD server security system

You can find more details in Acceptable Use Policy and Terms Of Service.

NOTE: All our shared servers have Cloudlinux OS installed. It helps to limit the amount of resources each client can use. The limits are considerably higher than the ones mentioned in the TOS and AUP because we understand that sometimes sites need a resources burst.

More details about Cloudlinux and its implementation on our servers can be found here.

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