Do you support FrontPage extensions?

FrontPage extensions have been disabled on our hosting servers for security reasons. But still, you are able to develop your website using the FrontPage application. For that, you will need to turn off components that require FrontPage extensions. They are:

• Confirmation Field
• Discussion Form Handler
• FrontPage created server-side Image Maps
• Hit Counter
• Registration Form Handler
• Save Results Form Handler
• Scheduled Image
• Scheduled Include Page Component
• Search Form

You can turn off these components in FrontPage by doing the following:

   1. Select Page Options in the Tools menu.
   2. Find the Compatibility tab in the Page Options dialog box.
   3. Uncheck the box saying “Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions” (it is under the Servers dropdown list).
   4. Click on Ok to save the changes.

From there, all features that require FrontPage Server Extensions will be grayed out in the menu bars, and you will not be able to use them - by mistake or on purpose.
Now you will be able to upload your website created in FrontPage on the server using any FTP client or File Manager in cPanel. You can find instructions on how to upload your site here.
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