Do you allow streaming video/audio?

         No, we do not allow streaming audio/video content as well as proxy servers to be hosted on shared servers.

         Audio/video streaming and proxy software implies a high level of bandwidth and resources usage. In the majority of cases, this level rises to values that are definitely higher than 10% (30% on business servers) of all server resources we allow to use at a moment of time. In other words, streaming content is not a crime when it is not creating difficulties for other people using the same server. For example, we can allow our clients to host several audio files and playback them on their sites. But when it comes to hosting a media library (even quite a small one), we can not allow this, because potentially, such content can cause unfair resources division and even overload.
When you are planning to host sites with media content, VPS can be a solution. VPS Pulsar has enough resources to carry sites that do not create a very high load, but give flexibility. For more resource intensive sites we recommend ordering VPS Quasar package. The only disadvantage of VPS servers is that they physically share hard disk drives. And this is why a dedicated server will be a better solution in case of a popular site with interactive content and media libraries. In any case, we strongly recommend to approximately estimate the amount of resources your site and applications are going to use by testing them, if possible, and then choose a server of appropriate configuration.
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