How to set up forwarding in Namecheap Private Email

In order to set up forwarding for your email account, log in to Webmail and click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner >>Settings:

Click on the Mail menu >> Auto Forward:

Type in a valid email address the emails should be forwarded to and click on the toggle in front of Auto forward to enable auto forwarding. Optionally you can Keep a copy of the message on the server.

The auto-forwarding is entered as Mail filter. If additional filter rules are to be applied after the auto-forwarding, enable Process subsequent rules. Click Apply changes:

If you would like to configure advanced conditions or actions, use Mail Filter option instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Emails that are marked as spam and are placed in the spam folder will not be forwarded. Spam filter threshold can be adjusted by our Support team.

That's it!

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