How to set up Dreamweaver

In order to configure Dreamweaver for uploading your files please do the following:

1. Click on Site at the main menu bar and select New Site:

2. Put some site name (for example my_website) and select Local Site Folder where web pages will be stored on your PC:

3. Then click on New server in the Servers section and put the following settings:

Server name: server your domain is hosted on
Connect using: SFTP
SFTP Address: server name or server IP address
Port: 21098
Username: your cPanel
Password: your cPanel password
Root Directory: public_html/ or /
Web URL: http://your_domain_name

4. Hit Test to check if the settings are correct and the connection is successful:

5. Now you can create your web pages. Once it is done, you can upload them on the server this way: find the Files window and click on the Put file(s) button:

That's it!

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