Where are your datacenters located? How can I request to change the datacenter?

The datacenters are located in the USA, United Kingdom and Europe.

Our shared hosting, Private Email servers, VPS and Dedicated servers are located in the PhoenixNAP datacenter (Phoenix, Arizona, USA).

The European datacenter is based in Amsterdam. Only shared packages (Stellar, Stellar Plus, Stellar Business) can be ordered in this location.

The UK servers are based in the Timico’s datacenter close to Nottingham, in the Midlands. It is possible to order all shared web hosting plans in this location - Stellar, Stellar Plus, Stellar Business and Reseller packages. Note that there is an additional fee of $1/mo for UK-based hosting as the co-location along with all related services is pricier in the UK than in the USA.

It is advised to choose a datacenter which is closer to your potential audience. So, if you are going to host a website for European audience, the UK-based or European datacenter would be preferable.

If you wish to transfer your existing account to another datacenter, contact our Live Chat support or submit a ticket to our Billing team.
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