Canceled – Domain was not retagged or was not retagged in time by losing registrar

This error often occurs when transferring a .UK domain name. It means that the transfer was submitted but the domain’s IPS Tag was not changed to NAMECHEAP-INC. An IPS tag applies to each .UK domain and is required in transferring a domain name from one Registrar to another. To correct this, contact your current Registrar and request that they change the IPS Tag for the domain name to NAMECHEAP-INC. You may then submit a new transfer order. If you submit a transfer request before IPS tag is changed, the domain must be re-tagged within 7 days, otherwise the transfer will fail automatically.

General transfer time-frames are as follows:
  • If the transfer is submitted before IPS tag has been changed, the transfer will be processed within 7 days of the IPS tag change.
  • If the transfer is submitted with NAMECHEAP-INC as the IPS tag, the transfer will be processed and the domain should appear in your Namecheap account within 24 hours of transfer submission.
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