Do you have any restrictions on sending out emails?

Yes, we do have some restrictions. We do not allow sending out:

  • more than 50 emails per hour per domain with Stellar plan and Nebula Reseller plan
  • more than 200 emails per hour per domain on Shared Servers (Stellar Plus plan and Galaxy Expert/Universe Pro Reseller plans, and old Value/Professional/Reseller plans)
  • more than 500 emails per hour per domain on Premium Servers (old Ultimate plan)
  • more than 1000 emails per hour per domain on our Business Servers (old Business SSD plan)
  • more than 10000 emails per hour per domain with Stellar Business plan
VPS and Dedicated Servers have no strict limit on sending out emails (though, you may be additionally contacted by our Legal and Abuse team in case we notice some suspicious email activity).

As for Private Email, depending on the time of service your account is limited in the outgoing emails to 500 emails per hour. We may decrease this limit, at our sole discretion, if your account confidence should be confirmed.

Note, that all mass mailings must be double opt-in, and we are a strictly zero tolerance for spam hosting providers. If we find a script that is sending out more than allowed, it will be disabled until you contact support.

You can check our Acceptable Use Policy, sections E-mail and Anti-spam Policy and Use of Email Services.


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