What version of the software is used on your servers?

Software used on our shared servers (Stellar/Stellar Plus/Stellar Business plans and old Value/Professional/Ultimate/Business plans):

Apache: 2.4
Codeguard: included to all shared plans, more details can be found here
cPanel: 11.70.0
cURL: 7.37.1 and 7.38.0
CXS: installed on all shared servers
Git: enabled
Imagick module: 3.1.2 (3.4.3 for 'native' PHP version)
IonCube PHP Loader: 4.6.1
Mod_Rewrite: enabled
Mod_Security: enabled, more details can be found here

MariaDB: 10.1.31
Lua: 5.3.4

Mysqli Support: enabled
Perl: 5.10.1
PHP: 5.4.43 (5.4 native), 5.3.29 (5.3 native) with 5.2 - 5.6, 7.0-7.2 available, more details can be found here
PHP modules: full list of PHP modules and extensions can be found here
Python: 2.6.6
Rails: 2.3.18
Ruby: 1.8.7
ZendGuard Loader: 3.3

Software provided with Stellar Business plan (and old Business SSD plan) only:
eAccelerator: enabled
FCGI: more details can be found here
R1 Soft backups: more details can be found here
Xcache: enabled

Default server configuration:
Jailshell SSH: disabled by default, can be enabled per client’s request
mod_userdir: disabled by default, cannot be enabled, more details can be found here
Timezone: America/New_York

Software that is NOT supported by shared hosting plans but can be installed on VPS/dedicated servers:

Django Python Framework
FrontPage extensions
Object caching
PHP Memcache

NOTE 1: Asp.net and FrontPage extensions can be installed on Windows-based servers only. Our tech team does not provide any support for Windows servers, the whole installation process should be performed from client’s side.

You can also find more information on how to use FrontPage with our hosting here.

NOTE 2: In order for our technicians to assist with custom software installation, they must be provided with the step-by-step installation instructions.


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