Is there a shared SSL certificate for domains hosted on Namecheap hosting servers?

Unfortunately no, we do not provide shared SSL certificates for hosted domains. To secure a domain hosted with us, you will need to get an SSL certificate for it. You are welcome to pick the certificate for your website here.

If you have a certificate from another company, we can install if for you as well, but we need the certificate with all CA-bundle (chain) files to be sent to us. The SSL certificate installation itself is free of charge.

It can be installed either using the SNI technology on a shared server IP or on a dedicated IP.  A dedicated IP costs $4/mo and is assigned to your account upon a ticket request submitted to Billing/Sales department.

Detailed instructions on how to install an SSL for a site hosted on our shared hosting servers can be found here.

NOTE: We have shared certificates installed on all our shared hosting servers, so it's possible to encrypt mail service data without installing your own certificate.

For mail clients, this can be achieved by using a server hostname and SSL ports for incoming and outgoing server settings. Webmail interface is protected with SSL and available at the following link: https://server_hostname:2096.

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