How to transfer a domain from Bluehost

Before initiating your domain transfer, please make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The domain is more than 60 days away from its registration or previous inter-registrar transfer.
  • The domain has been "Unlocked" for transfer at Bluehost.
  • The domain must not be too close to its expiration date, as Bluehost will normally autorenew domains 15 days prior to it expiry.

Go to the Help center at Bluehost site and click on the "Domain Manager" tab and login to your account, or instead you may login to your cPanel and under the Domains menu select "Domain Manager". This will display the domains you have registered through their registrar platform (FastDomain).

If you were also moving your hosting to another host, it is recommended that you update your Name Servers before the transfer.

Then select the Transfer EPP tab and copy the code. You will need it later on.

Select the Lock tab, if your domain is locked you must unlock it.

That would be all on the Bluehost side.

You may now submit the transfer request for the domain here . Shortly afterwards, the transfer will be initiated at the Registy which will mean that the losing registrar should release the domain within up to 5-7 days. Once the transfer is over, you will get the corresponding notification to the email address associated with your Namecheap account.


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