Does Cloudflare support SSL?

Yes, thanks to Universal SSL.

The idea is that an SSL certificate on Cloudflare's network that will accept HTTPS connections for domains and subdomains, will now be automatically provisioned. Those certificates include an entry for the root domain (e.g., as well as a wildcard entry for all first-level subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.).

Among the benefits of Universal SSL there is usage of the ECDSA cipher suite, SPDY protocol support and a free app that detects an outdated browser.

NOTE: Universal SSL is not supported with Cloudflare signups through us. In case you signed up for a free plan directly with Cloudflare, you are able to use Universal SSL, but for it to work correctly, a modern browser is required.

If having an HTTPS connection is a must for your website, you should consider Cloudflare's paid plans which support an encrypted connection for legacy browsers.

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