Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, at the moment we are offering all Namecheap Private Email packages as free trials (just click on the drop-down menu and choose 2 months (free trial).

All Namecheap Private Email plans have 60 days free trial period. Starter plan free trials are limited to 5 per Namecheap account. Pro and Ultimate plan free trials are limited to 1 per account.
All trial offerings can not be used more than once per domain.

Trial subscriptions are not limited in functionality, except the file storage (filestore quota for all trial email packages is 200 MB).

It is not possible to purchase trial subscriptions for domains with the following / .ml / .ga / .cf / .gq / You can still use Private Email with the mentioned domains if you choose a yearly plan.

Purchases of additional mailboxes (trial versions come with one) and renewals are considered as upgrades to paid versions of Namecheap Private Email subscriptions. 

PLEASE NOTE: Private Email subscription can not be canceled from your side due to server configurations. In case you want to cancel your subscription, you can either let the subscription expire or contact our Support Team for assistance.

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