What happens if I do not pay for Private Email in time?

Grace period

Once a NC Private Email subscription expires, it gets into the Grace period and remains there for 30 days. At this stage, it is not possible to access mailboxes and send/receive emails. Still, you will be able to reactivate the subscription at a regular renewal price; no data will be lost.
Subscriptions in Active and Grace states can be renewed normally per guidelines here.

Redemption period

If a subscription is not renewed during Grace period, it gets to the Redemption state.
Once in Redemption, it is only possible to reinstate the subscription at a regular renewal rate by contacting support.
Only mailboxes and emails will be restored; contacts, tasks, files cannot be restored from this state.

Cancellation period

If not reinstated during the Redemption period (30 days), the NC Private Email subscription gets Canceled - it is removed from the server and all the data is lost.

You can check what subscriptions need renewal in your Namecheap account - Expiring Soon section.

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