How do I upgrade Private Email subscription? How much should I pay?

You can easily upgrade Namecheap Private Email mail subscription, just follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account
  • Go to the Product List menu >> Private Email
  • Find the needed Private Email subscription and click Manage next to it

  • Click Upgrade plan as shown on the screenshot below

If you're upgrading in the middle of your billing cycle, you’ll be charged to upgrade for the remainder of this current billing cycle only.

To determine the cost to upgrade for the remainder of this cycle, we multiply the days remaining in this cycle by the difference between the old and new prices. After your current billing cycle is complete, you'll be billed at the new rate (shown on the screenshot below).

On the appeared page you can find the list of the features of Private Email plans. In such a way you may compare your current and a new plan.

Pay attention to your Upgrade Price as it will include the cost for additional mailboxes if you have any.

  • Choose a plan you want to upgrade to and click Upgrade in order to proceed with upgrade.

You will see the summary with all the details: domain name, new package type, price, etc.

Once it is done, on the next page you can Confirm Order and Checkout to finish the upgrade procedure.

Once your subscription has been upgraded, you should distribute the Email storage among your Private Email accounts, as shown here.

If you wish to downgrade your subscription, please contact our Support team.

Please note that the upgrade from an old Private Email subscription to its new analog (Business >> Pro or Business Office >> Ultimate) can be performed only through our Support team.

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