How do I renew my Namecheap Private Email subscription?

In order to renew your Namecheap Private Email subscription please do the following:

1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.

2. Go to your Account Dashboard and choose the Private Email menu in the bar on your left, or mouse over the Account option in the upper right corner of the page and choose Private Email:


3. Click on the Manage option in front of the Private email service associated with the domain name in question:

4. Click on the Renew button at the end of the "Validity" row to renew your Private Email subscription:

Also, you can enable Auto Renew option for your subscription to make sure your mail service stays active and functioning.

In addition, you can renew your Private email plan from Expiring Soon section.
Each item in this list represents a domain and all products/services/apps associated to it that are expiring within the next 30 days, with the ability to expand additional details below it. It describes statuses, actions and expiration date for the closest expiring item.

In order to renew your Private email plan from Expiring Soon menu simply add it to your cart and proceed with checkout:

NOTE: if you want to decrease the number of mailboxes before renewal, please contact our Customer Support Team.

That's it!
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