How to order Namecheap Private Email

If you would like to try out our Private Email service, please do the following to order a new subscription:

1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.

2. Navigate to Email menu or follow this link:

3. Select a package and click on Get Email:

4.On the next step you will be prompted to enter the domain name you order subscription for. When all is good, click on Continue.

5. Now you need to configure the number of mailboxes. Click on Add to Cart to proceed to the checkout:

Once the order is confirmed and the subscription is purchased, you will be redirected to the Subscription management page where the Create mailboxes option is located:

NOTE 1: Each plan has a certain number of mailboxes by default, but it is possible to order additional ones. Alias is a virtual mailbox, that will be forwarding all emails to the existing mailbox. You cannot respond to an email using alias address.

NOTE 2: It is not possible to order more than one free trial subscription for the same domain name.

NOTE 3: Pro and Ultimate trial plans can be ordered by one Namecheap user only once.

That's it!

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