EasyWP: How to renew a subscription + Video

NOTE: It's not possible to renew EasyWP subscriptions manually: they can only be renewed automatically. That's why it's important to set up recurring charges for this service.

Please note that if you have already received email notifications, indicating your subscription has expired, you will need to contact our Support Team and we will be happy to help you get your website back up and running.

Before you proceed with any further, please ensure you have Namecheap account funds or an active credit card linked to your account, and set up for auto-renewals in your Namecheap account >> Profile section >> Billing tab:

To enable auto-renewal for EasyWP subscription, you should:
  1. Sign into your Namecheap account.

  2. Go to your Account Dashboard and navigate to the Apps tab from the left sidebar of your Namecheap account or visit this direct link:

  3. Then, select Subscriptions tab, find EasyWP subscription and enable the auto-renew option for it:

  4. You can manage the auto-renewal by switching the auto-renewal toggle to the right from the subscription on/off.

The payment management is also available in the EasyWP Dashboard >> Overview >> Subscription section >> Next Payment >> Manage button:

There are five automatic charge attempts. If all the attempts fail, the service gets canceled.

Information about upcoming charges usually comes via emails, so please keep an eye on the mailbox associated with your Namecheap subscription for messages from us.
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