Hosting Customer Support Boundaries

As a hosting provider, we aim to empower you with a reliable environment and set of tools to establish and nurture your online presence. Additionally, we have an extensive Knowledgebase that helps you explore and resolve inquiries independently.

At Namecheap, we strive to exceed expectations in our daily operations to deliver top-notch support to our valued customers.

However, we acknowledge that certain requests extend beyond the scope of our hosting product and call for specialized technical expertise. Websites often feature complex and unique customizations, complex structures, unique settings, elements, features, and functionalities. Our Support Team may not be familiar with the specifics of your website, which limits our ability to provide assistance.

Please note that the following services, among others, fall outside our standard support offerings:

  • Website development, configuration, and optimization;
  • Code debugging;
  • SEO services (although we recommend exploring our RelateSEO product);
  • Third-party scripts and software;
  • Manual partial website transfers, including partial website transfers between cPanel accounts within Namecheap, website transfers from one domain to another, manual backup restorations, and URL changes in databases. It's important to highlight that we can still assist you with full cPanel account backup restorations and partial backup restorations through our automated tools (Autobackup and Softaculous).
For assistance with these services, we recommend utilizing available online resources, including our Knowledgebase, and consulting or hiring specialists in these specific areas to ensure your requests are handled effectively.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and we look forward to providing you with excellence in hosting services and support.
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