Handshake domains with Private Email subscriptions

Handshake is a peer-to-peer network using blockchain technology, like a secure public registry. It’s a new approach to domain name ownership. It means bypassing the traditional organizations and registries that call the shots online, offering you more freedom, control, and security over your domain. You may find more information about Handshake domains here.

You are also welcome to check the full list of the Handshake TLDs we support on this page.

Handshake Domains with Private Email

Right now it’s possible to buy a Private Email subscription on Namecheap website for a registered Handshake domain, connect the subscription to the domain and log into your Private Email account. It’s also possible to send outgoing emails from Handshake domains with Private Email to other external mail systems as normally (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

NOTE: There is a possibility that emails sent from Handshake domains may be marked as spam on the recipient's side since the recipient server will not be able to check the DNS zone file of the domain due to the nature of these domains (and therefore, SPF and DKIM records). But as long as the content is non spam-like, the emails should be delivered as normally.

However, it's not possible to receive incoming emails from external systems to Handshake domain hosted on Private Email service at the moment due to the nature of Handshake domains, so please take this into account if you consider purchasing an email service for a Handshake domain.

In general, when a user sends an email, the sending server queries the Domain Name System (DNS) to find the address of the recipient. This is done with the help of MX records that specify the mail server of a domain name and are stored in a domain's zone. As Handshake domains don't use the same root zone as other domains on the internet, mail servers cannot check the Handshake domains' DNS zone and MX records. Since the sending mail server cannot identify the recipient server, such an email cannot be delivered.

If you already purchased a Private Email subscription for your Handshake domain and you would like to use it for a standard domain instead or you wish to cancel the subscription, please reach out to our Customer Support Private Email team for help.

In case of any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.
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