FastVPN for Android: What permissions are required and why?

Our FastVPN app can ask for Location and Notifications permissions.

Location permission is now required in Android OS 10+ due to a new operating system limitation that does not allow the app to view available SSID's.

FastVPN does not collect users' GPS location data in any way. It needs to have the list of your device’s known Wi-Fi SSID names as well as the type and the name of the network you are currently connected to. This allows you to use the Untrusted Network notifications to set and manage the "Trust" status for these networks and allow the app to trigger the actions based on the rules you have defined.

The prompt asking for this permission will only appear when you enable the Untrusted Network notifications. If you don’t plan to use this feature, you can have the granted earlier permission removed.

Our app has no other need for your location other than to provide the SSID name.

Learn more about how to manage your Android device’s location settings.

Notifications permission is required for our app to send notifications status alerts such as:

  • You connect to an untrusted or insecure Wi-Fi network.
  • To provide you with Internet traffic updates and data reports.
  • If one of your VPN servers is not working or has been terminated.
  • If you're unable to connect or reconnect to VPN for any reason.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support Team.

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