Tracking social media data with RelateSocial

RelateSocial is a tool for managing your social media profiles in one convenient Dashboard. One of the features it has is allowing monitor post activity metrics across multiple social networks.

To track data like Facebook reactions, likes, shares, comments, etc. on posts made both inside and outside the application, access the Post Performance tab. However, certain social networks may restrict data pulling from posts published before your account was connected to RelateSocial.

The following table below shows information that can be instantly gathered for newly-connected accounts:

 Previous posts 
 Reach and Engagement data on previous posts 
 Replies to previous posts 
 Google My Business 

Please NOTE: these networks have additional limitations:
  • Facebook — only data from the last 100 posts made before the app connection date will be collected.
  • LinkedIn — only data from the last 1,000 posts of a business profile will show up.
Also please note that RelateSocial Essential supports Facebook and Google My Business only. To monitor Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, you’ll need a RelateSocial Pro subscription.

Once you’ve connected your social media accounts, the following statistical data will also be collected by the application:

 Published posts (text, links, media, etc.) 
 Reach and Engagement 
 Customer replies 
 Google My Business 

* Google Business Profile metrics are no longer available to view or download after February 20, 2023.
** Due to API restrictions, only Engagement data (retweets and favorites) will be collected for Twitter accounts.
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