What is Jellyfish?

Nowadays, with the rising amount of spam and email threats, spam filtration is an essential part of protecting any business email account. Since the vast majority of security attacks begin with email-borne threats, spam protection can recognize and stop messages containing malicious links, spam, phishing, weaponized attachments and protect your business from undesired issues and expenses.

That’s why we designed Jellyfish. It’s a smart machine learning-based spam filter and management tool. As a spam filter, it protects your inbox from email threats, whether it’s spam, phishing, viruses, malware or spoofing. This is valid not only for Shared Hosting and Private Email but for Free Email Forwarding, EasyWP, and Domain Privacy services. As a spam management tool, Jellyfish allows Private Email and Shared Hosting customers to manage their email flow by blocking emails, subjects, domains, and creating advanced rules for maximum efficiency. 

When Jellyfish is enabled for a domain, all incoming emails are routed through its filtering system before reaching your email account. According to the score received by the system, an email can either be moved to spam if it's potentially malicious or rejected if it’s 100% harmful.

The list of the outgoing IP addresses used by Jellyfish for Private Email, Shared Hosting and EasyWP can be checked here.

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