What should I do if I see an unrecognized charge?

If you see a charge from NAME-CHEAP.COM in your bank statement or payment to Namecheap in your PayPal account that you think you haven’t made, please follow the steps below.

If you don’t have an account with Namecheap:

     1. Check to see if any of your family or friends, that have access to your card or account, have made a purchase.
     2. Call us at the number indicated in your bank statement/payment descriptor to report the charge or email security@namecheap.com and provide the following details:
  • The date you were charged;
  • The amount you were charged;
  • Payment details: last 4 digits of the card and expiration date OR a screenshot from PayPal with the transaction details.
If you do not remember whether you have an account with Namecheap:

Try checking your mailbox(es) and spam folders. We always send Order Receipts to the email address specified in the profile. If you find an email, you can restore access to the account using the Password Reset option.

If you have a Namecheap account:

Check your Order History:

The Order History will also be helpful if you believe you were charged twice for the same order. Keep in mind that the date and the amount may be slightly different due to varying time zones and if there are currency conversion fees.

If you found an order that you did not place, there are two reasons this may have happened:

     1. It may be an automatic renewal initiated by the system if you have this option set up.
     2. Your account may be compromised. Secure your account by following the instructions shown in the What should I do if my account was compromised? article.
What to do if you have an account with Namecheap but don’t believe the charge is associated with it:

If you have several accounts with Namecheap, make sure that you have checked each account by looking through your past orders in every account.  If the charge is not associated with any of the accounts, you will need to call us at the number indicated in your bank statement/payment descriptor to report the charge or email security@namecheap.com.

Canceling the order.

In case you would like to cancel an unauthorized order and receive a refund, please contact Customer Support.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not processed instantly. It can take up to 10 business days for the refunded amount to show on the card account balance.
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