How to fix FastVPN when it keeps connecting to Best Available server automatically?

The description of the issue

When running the FastVPN app with auto connect, you might experience a situation where the app keeps connecting automatically to the best available location and it’s not possible to change the server.

This situation may occur due to an authentication server issue after sign out. In this case the reconnect to the Best Available location after sign-in is expected because when you sign out, your account preferences are saved and when you sign in back, it takes those account preferences and sets them. So if auto connect was turned on and the user was connected to best available, the application will automatically connect to best available.

The suggested solution

The steps below will help you to disable auto connect to have ability to select the server you want:

1. Start the FastVPN app and wait till it connects to the Best Available location.

2. Once it is connected, open the app in the expanded view:

3. Go to Settings  General and turn off the Auto connect:

4. Once done, disconnect from the server and sign out from the app to save your preferences:

5. Sign in back with your credentials to continue browsing securely over the VPN connection.

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